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All students are expected to wear their uniform to foster a sense of equality and encourage pride in the academy.

Students must always wear correct uniform while in the academy and when travelling to and from the academy. Where appropriate, students will be directed to wear their uniform on educational visits.

Parents/carers can buy items of uniform from the academy’s stockists Little Gems (School Outfit). This can be done in person at their shop (62 Hutton Close, Crowther Industrial Estate, Washington, NE38 0AH) or online (www.theschooloutfit.co.uk.). Parents/carers should state that their child attends – or is planning to attend – Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy. This will ensure that parents/carers are directed to the correct items of uniform.

Our uniform requirements for all students are

Black blazer with the academy badge (compulsory in years 7 – 11).

  • Black V-neck pullover with the academy logo (OPTIONAL).
  • Plain white shirt that must be able to be buttoned to the top and have a collar. Shirts are required to be tucked into trousers/skirts at all times.
  • School trousers should be traditional black tailored trousers. They should not be denim, leggings, linen, or cargo-type. Likewise, they should not be skin tight and should not resemble jeans, leggings, or jeggings. Trousers should be of an appropriate length; socks and ankles should not be on show. The school is aware that some shops are now advertising and selling ‘school uniform’ trousers that do not match our definition of formal dress trousers. We ask that parents/carers check this carefully before making purchases.
  • Academy clip-on tie, red with black and blue stripes, clipped on correctly.
  • Blue checked academy skirt (unmodified).

Shoes: School shoes should be leather-type and all black. They should have no obvious logos. For health and safety reasons, shoes should also have strong uppers: canvas shoes are not permitted. Any heels should be no more than 3cm in height. Black trainers are permitted, as long as they are all black with no obvious logos; they should be of a polishable, leather type material. Students are not permitted to wear any footwear that reaches above the ankle.

Jewellery: The only jewellery allowed to be worn in school is a watch and one plain ear stud in each earlobe only. Ear studs should not contain diamonds, crystals, or other types of decorative materials. They should also be round in shape/design. No other facial or body piercings are allowed in school, including eyebrow studs, nose studs and tongue piercings. This is for health and safety reasons. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or any other items of jewellery are not permitted. Students will be asked to remove these items or any other type of jewellery, if worn. If students are unable or unwilling to remove the jewellery, they will be taught in the Learning Support Room (LSR) or in isolation, at the direction of senior members of staff. Jewellery that has been removed on the instruction of a member of staff will be kept and handed to reception staff and stored securely in a clearly labelled envelope. Students are able to collect confiscated items of jewellery at the end of the day on the first occasion of confiscation; thereafter it will be retained by the academy until it can be collected by parents/carers.

Hair Colour: While we encourage students to be individual, with their own unique personality, we also wish to cultivate a positive and consistent image for the Academy. The academy does not accept inappropriate or extreme hairstyles (e.g. short, shaved sides, razor-cuts, or Mohican-style) nor unnatural colours, blocks, stripes, braids with colours or extensions. The school reserves the right to determine what is considered “inappropriate;” If a student wishes to dye their hair, they must choose a natural colour.

Nails: Nails should be natural, with no coloured nail varnish applied to them. False nails, gel nails, acrylic nails or any alternative artificial adjustments are not permitted under any circumstances.

Makeup: We prefer students not to wear make up in the academy, but if it is subtly applied and unobtrusive, it will be acceptable. Any make up applied should be natural in colour. Excessive makeup must be removed. The school will determine what is considered to be excessive makeup. False eyelashes and false tan are not permitted

Bags: It is a requirement that every student should have a school bag large enough to carry an A4 ring binder. This is to ensure that they can carry PE kit and all the books and equipment they need for the school day. Bags should be marked or labelled with the student’s name.

Uniform will be checked by staff on a daily basis. If a student attends school in non-uniform items without suitable explanation from a parent/carer (by telephone/email/letter) sanctions will be imposed.

If any parent/carer is in any doubt as to whether an item of footwear and/or clothing will fit in with the academy’s uniform policy, they should contact their child’s year base.

Students not in correct uniform will be offered suitable clean spare school uniform to wear, where possible. If this is refused, or no spare uniform is available, students will work in the Learning Support Room (LSR) or in isolation, at the direction of senior members of staff.

You can view our full uniform policy on the academy’s policies page.