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Transition - Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

Every year we attract approximately 250 pupils into our new Year 7 intake. LordnLawson welcomes pupils from Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham authorities. Once your child has been given a place at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy our transition coordinator Mrs Jacobson will discuss with the class teacher your child’s strengths and areas of development. Parents will also be asked to complete a pen portrait to ensure we gain a full insight into your child.

Every pupil is placed into one of our four house blocks (Brookside (light blue) Fleet(yellow), Talbot(red) and Turner(green)) and made to feel a special member of their new school family. There will be 11 tutor groups in Year 7, across the four house blocks. If you have a sibling at Lord Lawson, you will be placed in the same house block as your sibling. We work closely with primary teachers to get the best mix of classes we possibly can, where all pupils will be happy and thrive.

Heads of Houses are:

  • Mr Earle-Brookside,
  • Mr Cave-Talbot,
  • Mrs Liddle -Fleet,
  • Mr McConway -Turner.

Pupils join us from many Primary Schools and there are many pupils who start Lord Lawson initially not knowing anyone. It is therefore a priority for tutors that early opportunities are given where friendships can be forged, to help everyone feel supported and at ease within their new school environment.

In September 2020, Year 7 will be placed into groupings based on their Teacher’s Assessments in KS2, their modern foreign language choice and their houseblock. There are 9 teaching groups across the year. Two groups are compiled of those pupils who, from across all our primary schools, have achieved the highest assessments across English and maths at KS2. 6 groups will be mixed ability and one group will be compiled of pupils who have not achieved standard in English and maths and therefore need extra support.

As academic groupings are also based on houseblocks if your son/daughter already has a sibling link in school but you are aware that friends will be in a different houseblock and you would like to discuss the possibility of moving your year 6 son/daughter houseblock please contact Mrs Kendall by email at kkendall@lordlawson.org.uk. Pupils will only be placed in class sets once Mrs Jacobson has finished all the information gathering from primary schools therefore Mrs Kendall will contact you in reference to any requests w/b 29th June.

We have regular data collections for all year groups where staff indicate the progress of the pupils they teach.
Pupils are assessed against the knowledge and skills they acquire across the year using subject specific progress maps. The data drop will indicate whether pupils are emerging, developing, secured or mastery in their development. The progression will not always be linear as pupils are introduced to new knowledge and skills across the year. In many subjects pupils can only achieve mastery at the end of the academic year when all content is covered.

Progress for individual pupils will be monitored and parents will receive updates to let them know how their child is progressing. If there are concerns over progress you will be contacted by a member of staff. Equally, if you have concerns, we would encourage you to get in touch, to see how we can support further development. Parents will be provided with their own personal log in, so they can track their child’s progress online. They will also hopefully be invited into the Academy early in the autumn term so they can meet their child’s group tutor.

Pupils can have a hot meal or cold meal and the school canteen is open before school, at break time as well as at lunch time every day.

School meals are very popular, and many of our pupils have a hot or cold school meal every day. We operate a biometric fingerprint system to reduce the need for pupils to carry cash and to reduce waiting time at the till. This means a swipe of the finger is all that is needed to get lunch. In September, pupils initially need to bring money into the Academy to place in the school machines but parents will soon be given an online account so they can top up their child’s balance at home.

Several pupils do choose to bring a packed lunch and designated houseblocks are open at lunch time where they can sit comfortably to eat.

If your child has any food allergies, please contact Mrs Jacobson directly so she can arrange a meeting for parents with our caterers.

Initially, any queries you have can be directed to Mrs Jacobson ajacobson@lordlawson.org.uk However, once your child has been designated a houseblock, your house staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have. Any queries regarding your child’s academic group please contact Mrs Kendall kkendall@lordlawson.org.uk

The house bases are permanently staffed by our dedicated pastoral assistants. They provide support for the social, emotional and behavioural aspects of academy life. They also monitor the academic progress and attendance of the pupils. If you have any concerns, contact the appropriate houseblock and the matter will be dealt with in a professional and sensitive manner. If your child has a medical concern you would like to discuss urgently, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Jacobson and she will arrange contact with the student support team.

We have an amazing and exciting choice of lunch time and after school extra- curricular activities for your child take part in. All pupils are encouraged to participate in an extra-curricular activity from a wide range of curriculum areas to develop new skills and meet new friends. Each term an extra-curricular bulletin is published so pupils and parents can see what exciting opportunities are on offer.

Currently these are the timings of the school day but these maybe subject to change due to the current situation.

If you child is going to be absent from school, please contact school as soon as possible, so we know that your son/daughter is safe.

All pupils need to be on site for 8.40am each day.