Students’ contract

Students are expected to follow the following contract.


Registration is at 8.50 am. Students should arrive in the academy at this time every day.


Students are required to be in the academy for the normal full school week. Most students achieve over 95% attendance because they realise that good attendance is a vital part of being successful.

Study lessons

Students negotiate with their tutors which lessons to devote to private study. Some lessons are designated as study lessons which are for quiet study in the Sixth Form Independent Learning Centre.

Independent study

Homework is an essential part of Sixth Form life. Most students should receive between 12 – 16 hrs of homework per week. Part time work should not interfere with this.

Leaving the site during the school day

Appointments should be made out of school time or, if unavoidable, during non-contact periods and students must sign out for these. Driving lessons may be arranged with prior consultation for non-contact time. All students must always sign in and out of the academy.


Holidays should not be taken during term time.


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