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Information for students

Everything you need to know about your time at Lord Lawson

It’s natural to have lots of questions about attending a new school. On this page we have information about buses, your uniform, what to do on your first day, what happens at lunch time, and what we expect of you as a student at Lord Lawson.

It’s important to let your teachers know if you have any issues during your time with us. If your question is not answered on this page, please email Mrs Jacobson.

There is a lot of information to remember when you join a new school. To help you, we have produced a booklet for you to complete ahead of joining us. You can also bookmark or print this page so that you have the information handy if you need it.

We can’t wait to meet you!

How do I get to school?

All students access the Academy by the main front gate. Those students who live within walking distance are encouraged to walk. For those living further afield you can travel by car and parents can drop you off near the school, or they can use the drop off area within the Academy grounds.

Many of our students get a bus to and from school. Available buses are identified in your Transition Pack and updated information can also be found on the Academy website. The nexus website is a great place to start to gain information.

You can watch ‘The Go Smarter to School’ short film which will help you too.

Pop Cards

For reduced fares all students are encouraged to purchase an U16 Pop card from Nexus.co.uk or students in Durham from Go Ahead Northern.

For customers travelling in Tyne and Wear, prices for under 16s with a POP card is 60p per journey or unlimited travel on Bus, Metro and Ferry for £1.10 a day.

The Ouston Bus

The Ouston bus is £1 each way.

School Transport Bus Passes commencing September 2021

Students are able to obtain a free school bus pass if certain strict criteria is satisfied and the passes have to be applied for.

The application form and criteria is on the Gateshead Council’s website.

If you are not a Gateshead resident, please apply to your own local authority.

What will I wear on my first day?

You will be required to wear the correct Lord Lawson uniform on your first day. For September 2021, your new Year 7 school tie will be given to you by your tutor, when you arrive at the Academy. If you have chosen to buy a Lord Lawson jumper from Little Gems, the badge may be of any colour.

There is more information about our uniform policy here.

Where do I go on my first day at Lord Lawson?

Before you start school, you will receive a letter in the post to inform you of the group you have been placed in. On your first day you will be met by Mrs Jacobson at the front of the school and asked to line up in front of your sign. You will then be met by staff and shown to your tutor room.

Will I need PE kit on my first day?

No, the first PE lesson will not involve changing into kit.

How will I get my lunch?

You can get food from the dining hall or bring a packed lunch. You will need to pay by cash by using your fingerprint linked to your account. All students will have their fingerprint taken on their first day at the Academy and will be shown how to use the payment machines by staff. You will need separate change for your bus and dinner money, as the payment machines do not give change. You will need approximately £3.00 for your dinner money on your first day. After a few weeks of starting school, parents will be sent a letter detailing their unique user ID and password to access their secure online account.

What do I do if I forget my dinner money, bus money or any equipment?

If you forget anything you need for school and it is worrying you, tell your tutor or your Year room who will help you. Try to pack your school bag the night before so you do not have to worry in the morning. This way you can calmly check everything you need.

Where will my lessons be?

You will have 5 lessons every day, and you will get a different teacher for each subject. Your teachers will help you to become familiar with the location of each department and classroom. Lots of staff will be out and about at lesson changeover to ensure that you know where to go.  You will be provided with a timetable for your lessons and a map of the Academy. On your first day staff will explain how to read and understand your timetable and map. Lord Lawson has a Week 1 and Week 2 timetable.

(Dependent on the COVID-19 situation in September, movement between rooms may be restricted, but this will be evident on each individual timetable)

What will happen if I get lost?

If you are moving between lessons and you do happen to get lost, you must not worry. Things you can do:

  • Use the signs on the stairwells to help direct you.
  • Go to your Year base to ask for help
  • There are over 100 teachers you can ask, who will all be wearing their teacher’s name badge.
  • Ask at the main reception.
  • Ask a 6th Form student wearing a purple lanyard.
  • Other pupils will also help you.

Your teachers understand you are new so you will not get into trouble if you get lost. We do have cameras all over the Academy, so teachers can see what is happening in the corridors.

What will happen if I need to use the toilet in lesson time?

Now you are at secondary school  we expect that all students use the toilet facilities before school begins,during  breaktimes  and lunchtimes.

Toilet facilities are often not close to your classroom and therefore when you leave the classroom valuable learning time is lost.

If you have a medical issue which causes you to frequent the toilet more regularly, you will need to bring a doctors note to Mrs Jacobson ,who will organise a pass for you.

Who do I ask if I am worried about something in School?

There are many adults you can ask for help in school.

  • Mrs Jacobson
  • Your Tutor (The teacher who sees you every day)
  • Staff in your Year room.
  • Subject Teachers (e.g. PE teacher, Geography teacher etc.)
  • Supported Learning staff.

Will I get a locker?

There is a deposit of £5 to pay at the main reception. You will then have a locker for the five years you are at Lord Lawson.

How will I make new friends?

Everyone is in the same position at secondary school and all students are looking to make new friends. Staff will provide you with lots of opportunities to get to know your new classmates and will help you. You will also have the chance to try out new clubs and activities, where you can make friends who have similar interests to you. Just try to relax and, most importantly, be yourself.

How will I cope with homework?

The key to success is to be organised. You will be given homework from your different teachers, but this will have to be handed in on different days. Homework will be issued using Microsoft Teams in many instances, so you can easily see what homework you have been set, by who and when it needs to be completed by. The easiest way to keep on top of homework is to try and complete this on the day you receive it. Try not to let homework tasks build up. Use a homework folder to keep any printed homework sheets, organised and together.

If you are struggling to complete homework at home, make sure you tell a teacher. We can arrange for you to complete your home learning at school during lunchtime or after school.

What are the rules on mobile phones?

Students are not encouraged to have mobile phones in school. All phones must be turned off and placed out of sight as soon as students enter the inner gate of the school. If it is then seen or heard by a member of staff, it will be taken to the main office for safe storage.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are unsure about anything at Lord Lawson you need to ask a member of staff. If at first you are a little shy, tell your parents who can also contact us at school.

Letters from our students to incoming Year 7

Who better to tell you about life at Lord Lawson then our previous year 7 students?

They have written letters to you to let you know what you can expect when you join our school in September.