Summer 2023 exams: Contingency day/half days

Dear parents and carers,

The summer 2023 exams may seem like a long way off; however, time will pass very quickly, and we wish to share some important information with you to avoid any possible issues next summer.

During the spring term, students will be issued with their individual exam timetables, which will show when their final exam takes place.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) need the option to postpone an exam in the event of an incident and then rearrange for a later date, to allow all students a fair and equal chance to sit their examinations.  As such, the contingency day for summer 2023 examinations has been put in place “in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations during the summer 2023 examination series”.

The date that has been set aside as the contingency day is Wednesday 28 June 2023. This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the date of their first exam up until and including Wednesday 28 June 2023.

In addition, there are 2 scheduled contingency afternoons – Thursday 8 June and Thursday 15 June 2023.  There are currently no exams scheduled on the afternoons of 8 and 15 June; however, all exam candidates must be available to sit exams on these dates. 

These dates are not an academy decision and they apply to all candidates in all schools nationally. Please note that the contingency exam dates will not show on students’ individual exam timetables.

I would recommend that parents/carers please make a note of the above dates. It will be devastating for a student to miss out on a good grade after working hard for two years, should they be absent from a rearranged final exam.

Should you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Cooksey, exam officer, on 0191 4334029.

Yours faithfully,

Mr A Fowler