Students celebrate success in A level and vocational qualifications on results day

Students at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy are celebrating their success in A level and vocational qualifications on results day this year.

48% of all the school’s A level grades were A*, A or B; and 16% were A* or A grades. Top-performing students include Jacob Spencer, who gained a Distinction* and 2 A grades; Luke Mallon, who achieved 3 A grades and a B; George Davison, who scored an A*, an A and 2 Bs; Bobby Keers, who gained 3 A grades; and Holly Laing and Jennifer Stead, who both gained A* A and B grades. Other high achievers include Joseph Madgwick, Laura Kennerly, Charlotte Forrest and Oliver Buckley, all of whom achieved at least 2 A grades and 1 B.

Although their studies over the past three years have been hard-hit by the COVID pandemic, students have shown their resilience and courage in overcoming adversity. These students never sat their GCSE examinations because of the national lockdown and their opportunities to attend school were disrupted during their sixth form years.

Andrew Fowler, the academy’s Principal, said, “I congratulate our students, who have worked hard and achieved excellent results. The academy’s average A level grade was B, showing the high standards of teaching and learning, and the improvements over recent years.

“We are very proud of what our students have achieved and we thank them for everything they have contributed to the school. We will be sad to see them leave, and we wish them the very best for the future. Our students have been supported by their parents and teachers, and we congratulate them as well.”

The sixth form curriculum at Lord Lawson is broad and ambitious. New subjects this year included Politics and Sociology, both of which did extremely well in their first set of results. Large cohorts of students were successful in studying English Literature, Mathematics, History, Business Studies and Psychology. Smaller subjects, including French, Dance, Computing, German and Music, also performed particularly well in the school’s sixth form.

Head of Sixth Form Alison Jordan said, “The students have worked incredibly hard and should be really proud of all of their achievements. They have had so much to contend with over the last few years, yet they have coped admirably. Some students have had to overcome extreme anxiety, mental and physical challenges, which have meant they have missed significant amounts of school. They have persevered and successfully completed their first set of external examinations.

“The results are a credit to the students, parents and staff who have supported them throughout their journey. I am delighted to see they are moving onto university, apprenticeships and full-time employment.”

Students interested in joining Lord Lawson’s successful sixth form are encouraged to contact Mrs Jordan: