Work Inspiration Industry Visit Komatsu

Work Inspiration Industry Visit Komatsu

On Wednesday 18th September a group of Year 10 Technology pupils were very fortunate to visit the Komatsu UK factory in Birtley, where pupils were introduced to the work that is carried out there and the skills required of their workforce.

Students heard about the history of Komatsu and how it’s grown to deliver a world-class product to the customer, now containing 93 factories worldwide. Highlighted in this were the career opportunities available to our young people including Assembly & Paint, Design Engineer, Fabrication, Logistics, and Quality Assurance. Students also learned of the qualities that are needed to succeed within Komatsu and Komatsu’s culture including Teamwork, problem-solving, innovative, organisation skills, and attention to detail.

Our pupils took part in a factory tour to see the manufacturing process in action, where 12-13 diggers are produced every day. Students experienced a great example of teamwork as they saw first-hand all staff working within teams to complete the product efficiently and successfully, highlighting the importance of teamwork at Komatsu, and teamwork as a key skill in all other areas of work or career.

The pupils were all inspired by their visit, gaining improved knowledge of the engineering industry and how they can apply and improve their skills and strengths learned at school to a career in this exciting industry.

With thanks to Komatsu and Work Inspiration Gateshead for this opportunity in linking industry with education.